Institutional Membership (3yr) – Covered staff and students

Institutional Memberships are a way for schools to support their writing programs as a whole — providing membership benefits in various combinations to suit a mix of HDR students/Post-Docs/Staff. It is a dedicated way to support students in early career presenting and publishing and to strengthen the HDR community as a whole. At the same time, an Institutional Membership will facilitate networking and publication opportunities for on-going staff, and can be a pathway for supporting the professional development of sessional staff and recent post-docs.

This Institutional Membership agreement is valid for 3 years, and covers up to 10 Postgraduate Students / Sessional Staff at a time, with each individual membership being of 1 year duration.

Individual memberships as part of this agreement will need to be renewed/updated after 12 months, via communication with your university contact and the AAWP.