Our 23rd annual conference will be in Perth, Western Australia!

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The Association exists to provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of teaching creative and professional writing as well as current theories on creativity and writing, and to improve the quality of programs across the country. To download a brochure, click here.

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Latest News

  • Call for submissions to Special Issue of TEXT: ‘Poetry Now’ - Across the ages, critics and poets have made pronouncements about the role and function of poetry in the world. Plato banished poetry from the ideal society, though was open to its value if defenders could prove it; Coleridge said that poetry is for ‘pleasure, not truth’. Auden said that ‘poetry makes nothing happen’; Anne Carson […]
  • Arts Law Reviews AAWP Prizes - The Arts Law Centre of Australia recently reviewed the AAWP’s Prizes terms and conditions for best practice. Arts Law was very impressed with AAWP’s attitude, saying it clearly demonstrates respect for writers. You can read the full review on the Arts Law website here, and don’t forget to send in your entry by July 31 […]
  • Book Publicity Opportunity for AAWP Members - Dear members and friends of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP), The AAWP is developing a list of recent publications by members of the association in recognition of our work as writers and scholars.  This initiative was inspired by the entirely excellent Dr Stephanie Green and the 2020 conference team at Griffith University, who have […]