The AAWP Executive

Past Presidents of the AAWP include Judith Rodriguez, Professor Tom Shapcott, Dr Eva Sallis, Professor Jeri Kroll, Professor Donna Lee Brien, Dr Marcelle Freiman, Professor Jen Webb and Professor Paul Hetherington. The immediate past President is Dr Lynda Hawryluk from Southern Cross University.

The current President of the AAWP is Dr Antonia Pont from Deakin University.

The Executive

The 2015 AGM of the AAWP was held in Melbourne, Australia, in December, and a new Executive for 2015-16 was elected.


Deputy Chair

Public Officer



Members of the Executive

  • Associate Professor Dominique Hecq (Swinburne University, Victoria)
    Portfolio: Assisting Partnerships and Prizes
  • Willo Drummond (Macquarie University, Sydney)
    Portfolio: Memberships Liaison
  • Dr Natalie Kon-Yu (Victoria University, Victoria)
    Portfolio: Regional universities representative
  • Dr Jessica Seymour (HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht)
    Portfolio: AAWP website / online presence coordinator
  • Dr Thom Conroy (Massey University, New Zealand)
    Portfolio: New Zealand representative
  • Dr Paul Munden (National Association of Writers in Education, UK/University of Canberra, ACT)
    Portfolio: UK representative
  • Dr Rachel Robertson (Curtin University, WA)
    Portfolio: Assisting Coordinator, Regional universities representative
  • Dr Nike Sulway (University of Southern Queensland, Queensland)
    Portfolio: Assisting Coordinator, Regional universities representative
  • Amelia Walker (University of South Australia)
    Portfolio: Assisting Coordinator, Partnerships and Prizes

AAWP Advisory Committee:

AAWP Publications Committee:

and as editors of TEXT